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Find and compare pet insurance for dogs online through a simple, easy and hassle-free process that takes few minutes. Act to get your pet dogs comprehensively insured so as to secure guaranteed financial protection against any kind of eventuality. Pets need care and the best way to ensure that is to have a healthcare coverage which specifically meets their health needs. We can assist you in finding a customized solution that easily fits your budget.

There is always a probability that your pet dogs may suffer from some illness or disease or meet with an accident. Veterinary bills can be expensive these days and if there is a need for surgery, the state of your finances may take a dig. However, when you have a pet insurance cover, the policy will offer reimbursement for the money you have spent on your pet’s treatments. Thus, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Buying The Best Lifetime Pet Insurance For Dogs – Few Things To Consider

  • 1Veterinary Examination Fees - In majority of the dog healthcare policies, expenses incurred on medical tests for diagnosis of illness are not covered. But we have insurers that offer this feature as an option.
  • 2Pre-existing Medical Conditions - Companies that offer best pet insurance coverage for dogs don’t pay damages for pre-existing medical conditions. This refers to illness or disease which pets suffer from before buying healthcare coverage.
  • 3Terms co-pay & Reimbursement - The term co-pay typically refers to the money paid by owner and reimbursement refers to money paid by insurer. Reimbursements could be in the range of 70 to 100 percent.
  • 4Annual Deductible for New Illness - Some companies, which provide pet insurance for service dogs at sustainable premium, allow buyers to select deductibles for new illnesses in dogs. The deductible amount has to be paid yearly.
  • 5 Waiting Periods for illnesses in Pets - Usually, insurers have 14 day waiting periods for illnesses among pet dogs. However, we will assist you in finding a cheap pet insurance for aggressive dogs, young and old alike, with a waiting period less than 5 days for accidents.

Know How Much Is The Average Premium Cost Of Pet Insurance For Dogs

Pet insurance for older dogs could be more expensive than healthcare coverage for younger and healthier dogs. On an average, it has been found that monthly premiums for pet dogs may vary in the range $10 to over $ 100. Older or senior dogs are more likely to fall ill or need frequent health care from veterinarians. However, it could be possible to get your pet dogs adequately insured for a premium amount ranging from $ 30 to $50 every month.

The other factors which might impact your chances of getting cheap pet’s health insurance cover include their age, gender, species, breed, residential neighbourhood and the extent of coverage that you choose. In any case, premiums for dog insurance policies could be about 60% higher than those charged for pet cats. And with ever increasing veterinary charges as well as hospitalization fees, premium rates for pet insurance coverage have been steadily rising year over year.

Learn How To Get The Cheapest Pet Insurance Quotes For Dogs Online Now

It is perfectly possible to get the best pet insurance for multiple dogs if you are aware of the specific healthcare requirements of your pets. Nevertheless, there could be several factors that may impact your ability to locate an affordable pet insurance quote. Here is some information relating to the same which might be useful.

  • 1

    By choosing higher deductibles, you can save money on your pet insurance premium. A deductible refers to the cash amount that you will be paying even before the coverage pays you reimbursement. But there could be a downside to this proposition. Although deductibles can be helpful in reducing premiums, by opting for this method, you must be ready to spend money from your pocket if pet needs an urgent surgery like eye or ear operation.

  • 2

    Insurers prescribe certain limits for each coverage feature & reimbursement of expenses is made within those limits. In most cases, up to 90% money will be reimbursed. But it could be better if you make sure the exact limit prescribed for treatment of illness or injury for your pet. Cancer treatments can be costly and majority of the insurers may reimburse only 50% of the total amount spent on your pet dog’s treatment or surgery.

  • 3

    Once the deductible amount is met, it is the actual percentage of bill which gets reimbursed. If the reimbursement percentage is low then the premium amount will get reduced. Some insurers may offer option for one percentage reimbursement thereby limiting your chances of effecting any major change in annual pet insurance premium. Therefore, you need to get proper knowledge of the subject before you start exploring your options. get free advice!

  • 4

    Pet dogs may have some congenital or hereditary disorders like heart disease or even cancer. These are not covered under normal contents of a pet insurance policy but coverage could be made available in the form of riders which can come at an extra cost. You need to inquire about various riders when researching your alternatives secured from multiple insurers. Riders can hike yearly premium to a great extent but can grant much needed protection.

Factors That Can Impact Your Ability To Get Cheap Pet Insurance For Dogs

There is a difference between buying health insurance for an individual person and a pet dog. Even if dogs’ insurance covers take into account several factors for calculation of premiums, there could be parameters which their owners might be unable to control. Accordingly, you need to know that the following factors will influence the overall affordability of pet insurance coverage.

  • Species - Getting the best pet insurance for dogs lifetime cover at a price you can afford will be difficult than finding a cheap pet coverage for cats. This is because expenses for treatments of dogs will be costlier and besides, dogs may be more prone to accidents as compared to cats.
  • Breed - Large dogs like the 130 pound Newfoundland, German Shepherds and Rottweilers will require more money to insure than smaller dog breeds such as Cocker Spaniels or Shi-Tzus. Larger breeds need higher degree of sedation, care as well as medication which make them expensive to insure because of higher medical costs.
  • Gender - Until few years back, gender was not an issue in determining affordability of top pet insurance for dogs. But some recent studies have shown that male dogs need more medical care than female dogs probably due to their bigger size, personalities as well as hormonal secretions taking place within their bodies.
  • Neuter/Spay status - Insurance risks get considerably reduced in case of neuter/spayed pet dogs and so, premiums will be lower. For example, neutered male dogs are less likely to suffer from testicular cancer and spayed female dogs from uterine infections. Dog behaviours can be influenced by these risks and need to be fixed.
  • Location - When you compare pet insurance for two dogs or more, you will realize that premiums charged for such policies can vary depending on your residential location. In urban areas, healthcare services for pet dogs cost more than in rural neighbourhoods. Veterinary doctors charge higher fees for check-ups in metropolitan cities.
  • Age - The best pet insurance for senior dogs could cost significantly more than coverage for younger and physically healthy dogs. With growing age, susceptibility to certain illnesses or diseases increases and treatment expenses could be much higher. Insurers calculate overall risks for granting coverage by taking into account age of pets.

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