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While it is true that Beagles make excellent family pets because of their jovial nature, they are prone to suffering from certain health issues which are breed specific. To that effect, it is vital that the pet owner knows some common health problems faced by these dogs. An early diagnosis may help in getting these conditions treated in time so as to keep your family pet healthy. Typically, Beagles are known to suffer from cruciate disease (stifle knee joints), mass lesion (type of benign or malignant tumour), Otitis Externa (inflammation in external ear), Seizure disorder (kind of neurological disorder caused due to epilepsy) and various different kinds of skin allergies.

If your pet Beagle dog is found to be suffering from any of these health issues then the treatment costs can be pretty high. In the absence of insurance, you might have to spend money out-of-pocket for medical treatments which can even affect your finances. Beagle pet insurance coverage can provide the much needed financial support to dog owners in such situations. Hence, it is always desirable to get your Beagle’s health insured as you are aware that vet bills and hospitalization fees are going to reimbursed. This way you enjoy total peace of mind. can assist you to get a comprehensive Beagle insurance plan that specifically caters to the unique healthcare needs of your pet at the right price. Take advantage of our specialist online help to secure a solution which easily fits your budget and saves money.

Know How Beagle Pet Insurance Can Help With Treating Health Issues Now

Although Beagles are considered to be belonging to a healthy breed of dogs, they are highly susceptible to some severe health issues as mentioned below:

  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Patellaer Luxation - Dislocation of knee joint

Any of the above health problems when detected require urgent medical attention and that can lead to financial hardships for the pet owner in the absence of pet health care insurance coverage. In such type of an emergency situation, pet owner might have to spend money out-of-pocket. Let us see how pet insurance can be helpful in these situations.

  • 1 Costs for treating epilepsy - The treatments for epilepsy will depend on the seriousness of your dog’s condition. To determine the cause for epilepsy so, vet may prescribe a full batch of blood tests as well as CT and MRI scans, the costs for which can range from $2,500 to $5,000 depending on your residential location. Once the exact reason for epilepsy is diagnosed, vet may formulate a treatment plan for which prescription medicines might cost anywhere between $200 and $5,000 yearly. But if surgery is needed to be performed then the cost might for removing tumour then it will incur an additional expense of up to $15,000. All these costs will be paid by the Beagle pet insurance policy.
  • 2 Costs for treating Glaucoma - If your pet is diagnosed with this condition then vet will have to reduce pressure in eyes to prevent it from becoming blind. The treatment costs may vary depending on how much pressure is to be given as well as the condition of optic nerve. While vet will provide medication for reducing pain in the eyes, it is also likely that surgery will be required to be performed. The surgery cost will be around $1,500, add to that fees and medications during follow-up visits. A pet insurance policy will pay the cost of vet bills, medicines and treatments.
  • 3 Costs for treating hypothyroidism - To treat this condition, vet will administer thyroid replacement hormone throughout your pet’s life every month or two months. And if the pet experiences weight gain, more medications may be required. But you will have no worries as pet insurance policy will pay the costs.
  • 4 Patellar Luxation - Possible dislocation of knee leading to minor limping of the pet in some cases if not all. Lack of treatment can further lead to developing of arthritis condition later on. Surgery may not be required if degree of dislocation is less but your pet’s condition can become worse if it keeps walking with an injured knee. And when the knee joint is left untreated, the problems might increase leaving the owner with no other option but surgery. For grade 1 dislocation of knee joint bone, surgery may not be required, medication will suffice. But if dislocation is of grade 2 then surgery may be needed and treatment costs can soar significantly. A pet insurance cover will pay the expenses to the pet owner.

Reimbursements of medical expenses in most cases could be in the range 70% to 90% and few pet insurers may also reimburse 100% medical costs.

Is It Really Worth To Invest Money In The Best Pet Insurance For Beagles?

The Beagles are a pure breed and so, their likelihood of suffering from one or the other hereditary or genetic disorders is high. Considering this fact, unexpected vet bills of $2,000 or more can make the owner spend out-of-pocket in the absence of a health protection cover. The importance of having pet insurance can be realized in such situations as dog coverage policy will pay major portion of the costs which are likely to be incurred on treatments which might be long term. This way pet owner has nothing to lose and their overall state of finances will remain protected.

Besides, the probability of your pet Beagle meeting with an accident while taking for a walk on the road or getting bitten by another dog in the park can never be ruled out. All such things will require surgery for fixing broken bones or medications, costs for which are highly expensive these days. And pets also fall ill and diagnostics as well as prescription medicines can come at a huge cost. Add to that vet fees for routine checkups and charges for vaccinations that need to be administered when your pet is still a puppy. All such things will be covered by a comprehensive policy for pets which specifically caters to their healthcare coverage needs.

Thus, it is worth making an investment in Beagle insurance as it will serve to allay your financial fears concerning your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing and keep it healthy. Know more regarding your options now!

Why Should Proud Pet Owners Buy The Best Beagle Dog Insurance Cover?

Being a pure breed, Beagles could be more prone to certain types of genetic health conditions. So, regardless of whether you bring a small puppy or an adult Beagle, either of the segments of your pet’s life will usher in unique healthcare related risks. For addressing those health issues in your Beagle, medical help might be needed as and when such a situation pop up. It means that buying doesn’t have to be solely a financial decision, rather you, as the pet owner, will need some sort of protection to your finances against unexpected medical expenses that can spring up anytime.

Pet insurance companies provide healthcare coverage policies that cover accidents and illnesses. But it is suggested that you also add wellness coverage feature as an add-on. The policy will then even reimburse vet bills, which you will incur during visits for routine checkups at local clinics, and charges for vaccination. But it is always advisable to look for a pet insurance plan that pays costs for vet bills during emergency visits anywhere in the country. In addition, make sure that the policy reimburses fees for lab examinations, diagnostics, surgeries, hospitalizations (if required) as well as alternative therapies administered by vets.

The beagle pet insurance cost per month could be in the range $34 to $51 and thus, may be easily affordable to majority of pet owners. However, the insurance rates provided for Beagles’ healthcare insurance can vary depending on their age, gender, your residential location and the deductible which you will choose. A higher deductible can mean lower premium and vice-versa but it could be desirable to consult an expert for arriving at an informed decision on your dog insurance purchase to avoid overpaying for the coverage. Such a prerogative might enable you to get value for the money being invested.

What all does Beagles pet insurance cover and what does it not cover?

A Beagles pet insurance policy will cover accident and illness related treatment costs as under:

  • Costs for diagnostic - Blood work and other lab tests, X-Rays, CT/MRI scans, ultrasounds and urine analysis.
  • Costs for medications - Prescription medicines and injections
  • Costs for surgical procedures - Surgery, post surgery medications and rehabilitation program
  • Costs for hospitalization - Hospital bills that include emergency care services And there may be more benefits, just talk to an expert today!

The following things will not be covered by a beagle pet insurance policy.

  • Pre-existing health conditions (except few)
  • Routine checkups and preventive care services (unless there is a wellness cover as an add-on)
  • Health conditions developing within the waiting period of the policy
  • Cosmetic or elective medical services
  • Medications, treatments or even supplement that are not approved by the FDA
  • Prescription diets and behavioural medications or therapies
  • Day care services for pets/grooming/boarding unless they are required because of illness or injury

Learn How To Find The Best Cheap Pet Insurance For A Beagle Dog Online

Many Beagle pet owners may wonder as to what is the best insurance cover for a dog. Well, at the time of exploring your options, it is important that you all health problems that are common in dogs belonging to this breed are covered adequately by your pet insurance policy. Another crucial thing which you must ensure is you need to find a plan with shorter waiting period for some types of medical treatments and surgeries. If you ignore this aspect, your pet dog may suffer permanent healthcare issues especially when you face financial constraints for treating some health conditions.

Pet insurance providers usually do not provide coverage for pre-existing or hereditary/genetic health conditions. So, it is recommended that you get your pet Beagle insured right at the time when it is still a puppy. Such a decision of yours will accrue rewards as time passes and this way you will have the chance to keep your pet dog healthy. Alternatively, you can also consider insuring your beagle under a veterinary discount plan, which is much cheaper, if you are on a tight monthly budget. But do not undermine the importance of health insurance cover for your valuable family member.

Vet discount plans are low cost pet insurance options without any kind of exclusions like age, breed or even hereditary or genetic health conditions. And the main advantage of buying such type of a plan is that they might also cover pre-existing health conditions making them a perfect option for Beagles.

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